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A Conversation with Michael Wilbon on the Future of PTI, His Career, the Business, and a Look Back

Michael Wilbon from PTI joins the podcast!

Topics include:

  • How he and Tony Kornheiser have lasted so long together.
  • Whether or not he would do PTI if Kornheiser retires. If so, who else would he do it with?
  • How sports are covered differen...
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Reminder: Automatic Home Game for Division Winners is a Dumb Rule

The NFL has given all division winners home games, and made all wildcards go on the road regardless of record, since the league changed the division format in 2002. I’ve been banging on this drum for a long time, and write about it every few year...

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For Athletes, It’s Always the Season to Give Back

There is a ubiquitous shot on Thanksgiving weekend football coverage showing teams celebrating the holiday by giving back to their communities...

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SEC Knows Its CBS Package Is Way Undervalued, Hires CAA to Sell It

The most insanely undervalued sports media rights package in America and maybe the planet right now is the SEC on CBS, which is a $55 million per year deal that goes until 2023...

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LeBron’s Window Will Be Shorter Than Four Years Unless He Ages Better Than All Other Great Players

LeBron James is now a Laker, going to Los Angeles on a four-year deal. He’ll turn 34 in December and will be 37 years old when it concludes...

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