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Elegy for ’18 – Houston Astros

Alex Bregman cemented his status as a star during Houston’s 2018 campaign.
(Photo: Keith Allison)

Like most teams that win the World Series, the 2018 Astros did not complete the two-peat, winning 103 games during the regular season but falling to the Red Sox in five, thus keeping the 2000 Yankees ...

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Elegy for ’18 – Arizona Diamondbacks

AJ Pollock’s injuries have made things difficult for the D-backs in the NL West.
(Photo: Hayden Schiff)

The Phillies weren’t the only playoff contender to drop off the face of the earth in September...

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Elegy for ’18 – Philadelphia Phillies

“I love September, especially when we’re in it.”

Willie Stargell

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

– Albert Camus


— Phillies fans, 9/18

The Setup

What precisely makes a dynasty is a point of some contention...

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