Nick Saban has worked very hard not to name a starting quarterback. When a person asks him about the timeshare involving Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts, the normally mild-mannered Alabama coach turns Hulkish. He focused his fury on ESPN sideline reporter Maria Taylor Saturday night after she had the audacity to bring up the topic.

The cranky and needlessly combative interview brought a flurry of media members to Taylor’s defense. Predictably so, since it was an entirely reasonable question.

It sounds as though the hatchet was buried before this little controversy even got off the ground. James Andrew Miller reported Saban called Taylor last night to apologize.

So that should be it. Saban comes out of the situation looking like a curmudgeon but self-aware enough to admit a mistake. Taylor comes out of it looking great — both for asking a prudent question which solicited such a newsworthy response and for the witty way she handled the awkward moment.